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Meet Our Artist


My Creative Process:

I use a creative process of hand illustrating by using watercolor, pencil, pen, and ink, which is slow and deliberate. Once I have captured the essence of my subject, I then use a combination of digital methods to prepare the art for reprinting, silk screening, and the application of repeat patterns. This relaxed process allows me to completely enjoy creating art with the natural fauna and flora that surrounds me. The timeless and natural hues I paint with interpret the soft and muted colors of the desert.

My love of creating artwork for the children’s clothing comes from the perspective of a child’s innocent mind: before any pre-conceived thoughts, or restraints that society often instills in their minds. The imaginative, and creative process that comes so naturally to all children gives me the inspiration to draw and paint images of their world coming to life.

I hope you and your family enjoy Hatch & Cloak’s hand drawn illustrations that we print on the clothing and artwork. It is my hope that the images I paint encourage you to fully appreciate the nature that surrounds you.

Georgia Lewry-Grass


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